The Liberal Caliphate .Edit

The Union of The Islamic Liberal Communist Republics/Kingdoms (Arabic: إتحاد الجمهوريات و الممالك الإسلامية , الليبرالية الشيوعية ) abbreviated to UILCRK (Arabic: إ.ج.م.إ.ش.ل.) or the Islamic Union (Arabic: الإتحاد الإسلامى), or the Caliphate . (Arabic: الخلافة) is a political project , for unifing the islamic world , under one-sovreign-state .

The Project Has it's Own , Political System , Economical System , Administrative System .

The Basic Principles .Edit
  • *Politicaly* The Liberal Caliphate , Is a re-establishment of the islamic caliphate , but it's not a religous state , it's a 100% Secular Constitutional Liberal Democratic State . 
  • *Economicly* The Liberal Caliphate , Is a welfare-state , wich has a mixed and a well-mixed economy 
  • *Administratively * it is a federation consisted of four confedrates , The Eatern , The Western , The Middle , The Far Eastern , Each Confedracey Constits of several Republics & Kingdoms , Each kingdom/Republic Consists of several states/governorates .  
  1. Geography
    1. The Eastern Confedracey .
      1. Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia . 
      2. United Arab Emirates .
      3. State Of Kuwait 
      4. Sultnate Of Oman
      5. Yemen Republic 
      6. State Of Qatar 
      7. Kingdom Of Bahrain 
      8. Iraqi Rebpublic 
      9. Palestinian union 
      10. Syrian Republic 
      11. Kingdom Of Jordan 
      12. Republic Of lebanon
      13. Turkish Republic 
  2. The Western Confedracey .
    1. The Kingdom Of Morrocco . 
    2. The Republic Of Western Sahara .
    3. The Republic Of Algeria 
    4. The Republic Of Tunisia 
    5. The Republic Of 
  3. The The Middle Confedracey .
    1. The Royal Republic Of Egypt . 
    2. The United Republic Of Sudan 
    3. The United Republic Of Libya 
  4. The Far Eastern Confedracey
  5. Basic Political Principles
    1. Political Priciples : The Caliphate Is A Royal Republic or a Republican Kingdom , It's Head Of State Is An Eleceted Monarch , Called Caliph , The Head Of Government Is Majority-Leader Prime Minister Called Vizier , The Caliphate Should Have No Stable Capital , The Capital Should Be Of The Four Confedracies , The Confederacey That Is Headed By The Elected Caliph , Is The Capital Of The Union , Each Confedracey is Forms a Kingdom , And All Four Kingdoms Are Federaly Unified Through The Caliphate Federation , Each Confederacey Has An Elected Monarch Called Emir , The Caliph Is Overlord Of All Kingdoms & Republics Of The Union & The Emir Is Overlord Of The Republics & Kingdoms Of His Confederacy .
    2. Legislature Principles : The Caliphate's Supreme Law , Is The Supreme Constitution , Wich Is Derived From ( The Constitution Of Islam : By Sdessoki ) And The Basic Law Is The Islamic Basic Derived Also From The Same Source , The Basic Law Could Not Be Changed Unless More Than 51% Of Both The Nation's Consultive Council & The Nation's Representation Council .
    3. Economical Priciples :  
  1. Political System
    1. The Caliph ( The King ) 
    2. The Sultan ( The President )
    3. The Vizier ( The Prime Minister )
    4. The Cabinet  
    5. The Parliment
      1. The Supreme Council Of The Islamic Nations .
      2. The Court Of Representing The Nation .
      3. The Assembly Of Consultion of the Nation . 

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